Covid-19 Update (July 2021)

Relevant from July 28th to the next update.

Please note we are doing our best to work in with all customers. Due to the restriction of 100 people per venue, per session starting Wednesday 28th July (for two weeks) we have made the following changes.

  • Parties will be prioritised for all Saturday and Sunday sessions. No party can have more than 10 people total including spectators.
  • This means NO skates sessions will be open to the public during 9am-5:30pm on Saturday/Sunday.
  • All tickets booked for the above sessions can be used at another session, rebooked or refunded.
  • Parties are being contacted to organise for this weekend – please have patience with us while we coordinate this task.
  • Party times for Saturday 31st July /Sunday 1st August 2021 & Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th August 2021 are:
  • Saturday 31st July 2021
    • 9am-11am
    • 12pm-2pm
    • 3:30pm-5:30pm
  • Sunday 1st August 2021
    • 9am-11am
    • 12pm-2pm
    • 3:30pm-5:30pm
  • There are NO classes this week including Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday due to the limited of 10 people. If you have booked a ticket for a class you can use this for another class, rebook or receive a refund.
  • The adult skate night on Thursday 29th July will go ahead as planned with a limit of 100 people. If you have booked your tickets you have a spot. There are tickets still available.
  • Each session is capped at 100 people.
  • Each person / family must check in using the QR code. Please ensure you have a phone that is capable of this and contact the rink if you don’t.
  • Spectators are limited to 1 person per family due to restrictions. Fee applies for spectators.
  • Please continue to follow Victorian Health Authority guidelines regarding Coronavirus safety measures.
  • Please email change requests to [email protected] (do not respond via your booking order email as it is a no-reply email and will not get through to our team.
  • We are busy on the phones as we are both upgrading our phone system as well as contacting customers regarding changes. The best form of contact is email and phone. The best source of information is our website and Facebook page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.