Skating never dies…

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about 5 years ago… Skating never died.

  • “For some, roller skating is a sport, for others a pastime, and for most, time spent at the roller rink is a tween-age rite of passage along with slumber parties, fumbled first kisses and trampoline injuries.
  • Just like yo-yos, swap cards, marbles and halter-tops, roller skating is a slave to fashion. Sometimes it’s in, sometimes it’s out, but it never goes away.
  • “Rolling skating never died,” says Bridie Williams, an artistic skater recently crowned Victorian Masters national figures champion. “You just got old.” –

The sentiment is is still true to this day. Caribbean Rollerama first opened its doors in 1981. Since it has been a roller coaster of popularity. Surging at times while other times have been quieter.

It’s not only the sport that continues to circle back to being enjoyed by the next generation but the popularity of parties continues to follow a similar trend!

Caribbean Rollerama is still one of the best places to attend or better yet, host a birthday party, for kids, teenagers and their parents!

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