Learn To Skate

Ever wanted to learn to roller skate or rollerblade? Come and join us for some fun classes to learn new skills or perhaps even build up to competing. Please note: You must seek coach approval to move into each Star Class. Once you are invited to the Star Level, Speed Class or Artistic Development you will need to register with Skating Victoria and a Skating Club – we are very happy to guide you when you reach this level).

There are three types of learn to skate classes. Please note classes are typically only during school term.



Saturday 9am-10am (Beginners to Star 5) & Wednesday (Beginners 4:30pm-5:30pm. Star Class 5:30pm-6:30pm)

Our classes are designed to cater for all ages and abilities and are run by professionally qualified coaches. Not only will you learn how to skate, you will also improve your fitness, balance and flexibility and from there you will be able to join our artistic club if jumping, spinning and dancing is what you love or perhaps if going fast is your thing, you could join our speed team. The coach will asses and guide you at to your skill level.



Thursday 6pm-7pm

A new class for adults of all ages and abilities, whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your skills.  This class is instructed by professional coach to improve balance and stability in a way that rolls fun and fitness into one. Put those new skates to good use by learning more skills in a safe indoor venue. Next time don’t just watch your kids from the sidelines, join in on the family fun. It’s never too late to learn to skate at Caribbean Rollerama.

Adult Only (18+)

Learn to Skate / All Skill Levels

Wednesday 10am-12pm

A fabulous adults only morning with professional coaching.  Fitness and fun that will improve balance, flexibility, strength and stability. For all levels from beginners to the more advanced skaters. Learn how to skate, improve the skills you already have, even move into competitive skating if you choose. The morning consists of light stretching, basic and advanced skating skills, dancing, fitness games, general skating, speed skating and of course a cuppa and some great social interaction.



Saturday 8am-9am

This class will teach up and coming artistic roller skaters about the fundamentals of artistic roller skating that focuses on advancing and progressing the skills learnt from our Star Classes. The Artistic Development Class focuses on three main skating disciplines Dance, Figures and Freeskating. This class provides opportunity for up and coming skaters to develop the skills needed for competitive roller skating and may open the door for ongoing private coaching.

Please note: Star Class attendance/completion is highly recommended for eligibility to attend Artistic Development Class. Please speak to our Star class coaches before booking if interested. 


Visit caribbeanspeedclub.com.au for all Speed Skate Class information.

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